“Is it safe to purchase items online?”

Yes, it’s entirely risk-free. In fact, hundreds of millions of people from all over the world use online shopping every year.

On top of that, we use Paypal, one of the most secure and trusted digital payment systems in the world. And if you have any issues, they offer a full refund within days of purchase.

“If I order a product, how soon can I expect to receive it?”

We strive to deliver our products as soon as possible. If ordered regularly, your product will be at your doorstep within 3-days.

If you want your product sooner, we also offer a next-day delivery service for a small additional fee.

For more information regarding our delivery services, click here.

“I’d like to place an order by telephone. Do you offer that?”

No, we don’t offer a telephone ordering service.

If you have any questions regarding online deliveries , feel free to reach us via the contact info below.


“Can I collect my item(s) instead of having them delivered?”

As we operate solely online, we can’t offer a collection service. Also, many of our products are delivered straight from our suppliers, making collection an unviable process.

“What do I do if there’s a problem with the product?”

We strive to offer the best experience possible. So the chances of a problem are unlikely.

However, if there are any issues with your product, you’re eligible for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. To learn more about our money-back guarantee, view the link below.

<Insert Link to Moneyback Guarantee/Refund Policy>

“Where can I learn more about the product(s) I’m interested in?”

If you’d like to learn more, the first thing to do is to Google the product. You’ll find dozens of web pages and videos that go into further detail with comprehensive reviews and demonstrations.

Otherwise, feel free to contact us for more details on a specific product with the info below.


“Why haven’t I received a VAT invoice?”

First of all, we’re sorry for the inconvenience we may have caused. We’re happy to provide a VAT invoice and offer that service to all our customers.

To receive yours, please contact us with the information below.


“I’ve received the wrong product. What should I do?”

We’re sorry to hear you’ve received the wrong product. We strive to offer the best customer experience, and we’d like to fix this issue as fast as possible.

To start the process, please contact us with the information below, and we’ll get back to you within XX working days.


Alternatively, if you’d like to claim your money-back guarantee, please go to the link below.

<Link to Claim a Refund>

“How late can I order next-day delivery?”

We work to offer the fastest delivery times possible. However, for a delivery to hit your doorstep by the following day, you should place an order before a certain time.

Our next-day delivery cut-off times are <Time+Time Zone>

“How can I cancel an order?”

If, for any reason, you’d like to cancel your order, you’ll have to contact us via phone or email.

To cancel by email, please contact us on support@loginandbuy.com

“How does your grading system work?”

We have four separate grades ranging from average to pristine. In short, these grades are a quick way to describe the condition of the product you’re browning. Below is a more detailed explanation of each grade:

Pristine – The product is in perfect condition, meaning you’ll receive a good-as-new product lower than its original asking price.

Very Good – The product is in near-perfect condition with very few (and almost unnoticeable) signs of wear and tear.

Good – The product shows signs of usage but is in perfect working order.

Average – The product shows heavier signs of usage and wear and tear. However, we have rigorously tested the product and deem it to be in working order.

“Do the delivery times vary?”

Every listing is from a different brand or provider. Because of this, you may notice discrepancies in the delivery times.

For a more detailed breakdown of a product’s delivery time, click ‘Delivery & Returns’ on the product’s dedicated page.

“Will my product come with chargers, SIM pins, etc?”

Before completing your order, be sure to check if the product includes any accessories you may need (some will, some will not.)

If specified, your order will include:

  • Generic Box for Protection
  • Charging Cable (For phones and tablets only)
  • SIM Pin (For phones only)
  • Generic Strap (For Apple Watches only)

To find out if your order will include the extra accessories on the product’s dedicated page.

“Do you offer warranties?”

Of course! We value our customers’ trust, and that’s why every order comes with a free 12-month warranty.

However, there are a few things our warranty doesn’t cover. Such as:

  • Accidental Damage (Anything that wasn’t the fault of the product)
  • Damage or Faults Caused by Third Party Repairs
  • Battery Depletion (Unless Worse than Average)
  • Jailbroken or Hacked/Tweaked Products
  • Damage Caused by any Liquids
  • Screen Damage (Screen Burn, Fading, Discolouration, etc)

For a more detailed description of our free 12-month warranty, please click here.