Return & Warranty

A. All goods come with our 12-month manufacturer warranty (starting from the date of purchase.) So if your product has a problem that’s no fault of your own, you’ll receive a repaired or renewed version of the product free of charge.

If required, you may have to communicate with the product’s manufacturer.

B. In the unlikely occurrence that your good(s) develop a defect within the 12-month warranty, you should contact us immediately via the contact info below:


IMPORTANT: For returned items, you’ll receive a ‘Returns Number’ (RMA Number). Please ensure this number is clearly stamped/displayed on the good(s) packaging before returning them.

C. For consumers, you have 14 days (starting from the delivery date) to refund or exchange any unused/unopened product(s). Though, if accepted, you may receive a diminished value charge.

If your return request meets our requirements and is accepted, you’ll receive a full refund (minus the cost of our lowest-priced delivery option.)

Software Items: Tech items will be accepted if they’re faulty, fail to meet the product(s) description, or if the shrinkwrap/copyright seal is intact. If your good(s) fail to meet at least one of these requirements, your return will be rejected.

Also, if you return a ‘faulty’ item and our tests say otherwise, you may be subject to testing charges.

D. Proof of dispatch must be retained until the company acknowledges safe receipt of the returned product(s).

E. For us to accept your returned item, it must be within its original packaging and contain all product pieces (including memory cards, instruction manuals, etc.)

In addition to the above points, the packaging must be in ‘New’ condition when received by Log in and Buy.

F. DISCLAIMER: You’re required to pay the delivery/shipping costs of your return. You’re also responsible for the safety and condition of the returned product(s) during transit.

If lost, damaged, or diminished, you’re liable for the product(s) value.

G. If your returned product meets our requirements, you’ll receive a full refund straight to your original payment method within several working days.

Password-locked and/or iCloud-locked devices are not eligible for a refund and will be returned to the device’s owner.

H. In order to receive a refund, you must remember to remove the following from the returned device(s):

  • Security & Parental Locks
  • SIM Cards
  • Memory Cards (if applicable)
  • iCloud, Samsung, & Google Accounts
  • Personal Data

Failure to meet the above requirements can and will delay – or in many cases – prevent the returning process.

If your returned item fails to meet these requirements, we reserve the right to reject your returned item or offer a partial refund.

I. What is covered?

  • Technical defects not Caused by the owner
  • Faults or damage caused by improper workmanship or materials

What isn’t covered?

  • Accidental damage caused by the owner
  • Damage to screens, fascias/cases, and surroundings (including fading, discoloration, scratches, etc)
  • Damage caused by liquids (including rain and spills)
  • Issues caused by third-party software
  • Issues caused by unlocking/jailbreaking/hacking your device(s)
  • Any components or hardware added after purchasing the device(s)

Making a Claim

Making a claim is simple. To start the process, please send an email with your order number to:

To make things even easier, we’ll provide a QR code for free recorded and insured Royal Mail postage.


Your warranty will be voided and product(s) will be returned if:

  • Device(s) have been tampered with or opened up
  • Has received unwarranted repairs by third-party services
  • If we discover any of the supplementary defects outlined in the ‘What’s Isn’t Covered’ section above

You’re solely responsible for any damage caused to the product(s) during transit. So please package the items securely.

What Happens Once We Receive The Product(s)?

We will make a diagnosis by inspecting and testing your item.

If the warranty is voided or if the defects are outside of our coverage, we’ll return your product within several working days free of charge.

If the problem is covered by the warranty, our experienced technicians will attempt to fix and or repair the problem/defect.

If our technicians fail to fix the item, we will replace it with a new, working item of the same description.

You will receive your fixed or replaced item 2-3 working days after we received the item.

NOTE: If we can’t fix or replace the item in question, you’ll receive a full refund.